HDRC Terms & Conditions.

Our tools cannot be guaranteed contaminant free, as they are not manufactured in a clean room then dust particles can enter the packaging prior to shipment. We do our best to remove any fingerprints from our products whilst they are assembled, however when customs or DHL inspect the package contents we will not be held responsible for any fingerprints or contaminants which are left on the products. We recommend that all products are cleaned with clean room wipes before using in the clean room environment.

HDRC will not be held responsible for any damage to any hard drive from use of our tools.


HDRC Refund Policy

HDRC will issue in full a refund if requested for online training / any product provided the item is returned to us unopened within 24hrs.


Please note that there is a 20% restocking/shipping fee on each order returned this is to cover handling, shipping, restocking and currency conversion where appropriate.

Refunds on packages already shipped will be given only after the unopened package has been returned and received by us. *Subject to restocking fee.

Replacement Policy
From past experience we are finding that 1 in every 100 packages may become damaged during the shipping process. Sometimes the DVD can get broken, in which case you would need to return only the DVD to us for an exchange.
We will replace faulty or broken goods provided that.

  1. You inform us of the damage.
  2. You ship only the faulty components to us. (For example the outer and inner rings can be easily assembled, if the frame is damaged you would be required only to return the frame). After we have received your faulty / damaged part we will ship you a replacement within 24 hours subject to stock. Items not in stock once we receive your package will result in the part being placed on backorder.

The time you may have to wait for an item on backorder may vary from 15-20 days, this period is subject to our own time extensions if for any reason there is a manufacturing problem.

Package Damage
Should you receive an item with package damage you will be required to refuse the package and explain to the courier why. If the item is left on your premises for you then you can call DHL within 24 hours and explain the damage, ask that they collect and return the package to us. Do not open the package if you are returning under the DHL package damage return policy.

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