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Spindle Motor Unstuck Tool


Spindle Motor Unstuck Tool

Why Spindle Motor Unstuck Tool ?

When client approach to us with the Hard Drive problem ,It has been noticed that while running or when they start the computer their Hard Disks or Hard Drive get stopped in between and do not respond .In order to detect problem exact PCB is replaced with part no./firmware but even if after the replacement of exact PCB the spindle motor or read write head did not respond ,then our expert come to the conclusion that some of the component of PCB is overheated , even in some of the cases spindle motor is totally jammed and if we remove the read write head then there is the chances of damaging the Read/Write head or the Read Write Area/Platter. But to handle these situation experts of HDRC has developed and launched NEW Tool Kit named Spindle Motor Unstuck Tool to retrieve the data from seized /jammed motor of Hard Drive.

How It Works?

Whenever spindle motor gets jammed and it does not show any moment this Spindle Motor Unstuck Tool is attached to the motor and attempt to rotate it until the motor does not get free and appear to in its original position. Once the motor get free and approach to its original point hard drive start working then we attempt to attach the released hard drive to PC so that it become easy to recover the data . The advantage of using this tool is that the Read/ Write head remains absolutely ok and does not get damaged.

Hard Drives are commonly dropped , in such a case crashed external drive while it spins will sustain a physical damage or head crash. To overcome the problem the Spindle Motor Unstuck Tool is used to release the jammed motor by continuously rotating the motor and retrieve the data from the Hard Disk.

Lightning can cause electrical problems quite severe too, most people think that a surge protector will protect them but often the surge can be big enough that your protector gets destroyed and your data is still affected. We have Spindle Motor Unstuck Tool to repair the hard drive and get your data back. When Power fluctuates the Read /Write head discontinue running between the platters where the data is reserved. And motor is not capable to carry out any moment. But using this Spindle Motor Unstuck Tool Bwe influence the motor to rotate and get the read write head to its original position from where the Read /Write Head reads the data. Without using this tool if you try to retrieve the data from jammed motor then there is a 90 % possibility of Read /Write head or Read Write Area /Platter to get damage. Even in some of the situations motor in the hard disk again gets jammed after being repaired. In such types of Hard Disk, this toolkit is used to rotate the motor to remove the head and replace the platter, the head remains all right by using this tool ..

Thus this tool kit, Spindle Motor Unstuck Tool, is very supportive in hard drive data recovery and we have proven this technique to repair the Hard Drive and get your data back without harming Read /Write head or any other part of the hard disks :



  • SUS -005: Tested on SEAGATE (supports 500 GB to 1000 GB)
  • SUS-006: Tested on Desktop / MAXTOR ( supports 40 GB, 80 GB and 500GB )
  • SUS -007: Tested on Laptop / SEAGATE (supports 10 GB to 320 GB)
  • SUS-008: Tested on Laptop / TOSHIBA Hard Disk ( supports 40 GB to 160 GB )
  • SUS-009: Tested on Laptop / HITACHI ( supports 40 GB to 320 GB )

Unable to Support

  • ST340015A
  • ST320014A

This Spindle Motor Unstuck Tool is capable and proficient to recover the data from Samsung, Seagate and Maxtor hard drives including Laptop .

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