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Spindle Bearing Replacement Tool

Spindle motor Replacement tool is not available in stock,HDRC suggests to buy Spindle motor Unstuck tool in Place of Spindle bearing replacement Tool

Spindle motors are the devices that spin the platters. They can spin these disks at a set rate, ranging anywhere from 5400 RPM to 7200 RPM! Some spindle motors are located in a position below the head disk assembly, while others are built into the hub of the platters. The modern ones are usually all built into the hub because this takes up less space and thus allows for more platters to be built in. More platters equal more storage space.


At times, the bearings on the spindle motor seize or get damaged for various reasons .Spindle motor replacement tool is mandatory to replace such bearings in order to recover the data.Also, for replacing the ball bearing of motors of hard drives that start creating humming noise, spindle bearing replacement tool is used.


Watch Spindle Bearing Replacement Tool Video

Two models of Spindle Motor Replacement Tools are available

(though the working is same for both)


Model 1 :Spindle Motor Replacement Tool (Material Used : Fibre)

spindle motor replacement technology


Model 2 : Spindle Motor Replacement Tool (Material Used : M. S.)

spindle motor replacement technology


Shipping Charges
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M. S. Spindle Motor Replacement Tool
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409 USD
60 USD

PACKAGE Consists Of :

1 Spindle Motor Replacement Tool - M. S.


Bonus Items !!

  • 30 ESD safe Finger Cots

  • 30 Clean Room Chamber Wipes

  • 1 ESD safe Cord free Antistatic wrist Band


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