Secure Data Erasure and Duplication


Over the years HDRC have found that one of the most popular services requested by our clients are data duplication and data erasure services.


Secure Erasure Service


HDRC have technologies that can be used by companies and businesses or private individuals in order to decommission media and cleanse it securely for resale. Our services range from multiple hard drives to single hard drives. Why take the risk of selling media which may contain confidential information when HDRC will remove that risk for you.


After losing any data the time frame for recovery has a large impact even on large companies, we are aware of this and will endeavor to get your data back to you with fast response times. Emergency services are available and we will work 24 hours to assist in getting your data back for you when the need arises. Many businesses can go out of business after losing the data for just a few days. HDRC understands this and offers services suitable for all companies and individuals.


HDRC is involved with companies on a regular basis for secure data erasure, our clients range from small local businesses to large insurance companies worldwide. After securely erasing the data we provide certification to the client to verify the drive was either destroyed or erased at their specifications and requirements.


Why take the risk of selling on storage media which could potentially contain data which poses as a risk for your business. HDRC will remove the data quickly and efficiently for you, the services are low cost.


Data Duplication


HDRC offers a range of duplication services for various media types, the most common service we are requested to carry out is duplication of a large scale number of drives for use throughout call centers and businesses. We are equipped to deal with any request for duplication from single to multiple storage devices.


Data Backup




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HDRC offers a service for backup when there is no backup service implemented within a business. Our service is also available to home users for private data, all at low cost prices. Last year we were duplicating many Digital Media devices onto DVD these were mainly wedding photographs and new born baby photographs from digital camera's. This years trend has changed again we are seeing many businesses migrating to larger storage devices requesting backups on RAID configurations.


**Tip : If you are selecting a backup to do yourself avoid silver CD or DVD's and use the gold color where possible. This has been found to improve the chances of storage for longer periods. Test backups regularly and try to keep multiple backups. Failures and accidents do happen.


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