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Supporting Models : Read Write Head change Tool -for Desktop

(All models tested by HDRC : as per our stock)

HDRC's Read Write Head Change Tools are tested on given brand Desktop hard drives.

The brand and their model numbers are given below.

    Maxtor ----------------------- TOOLS 1.4mm

    1. Maxtor- 500GB ----------- MDL- TLA-7H500F008A5RA
    2. Maxtor- 500GB ---------- -MDL- 6H500F008A21L
    3. Maxtor- 300GB ----------- MDL- 6B300R0060811
    4. Maxtor- 300GB ----------- MDL- 6L300R0061M11
    5. Maxtor- 250GB ----------- MDL- 7Y250P006A607
    6. Maxtor- 250GB ----------- MDL- 4A250J0080211
    7. Maxtor- 250GB ----------- MDL- 7Y250P00622R1
    8. Maxtor- 200GB --------- --MDL- 6B200M004613
    9. Maxtor- 160GB ----------- MDL- 6Y160M004744E
    10.Maxtor- 160GB ---------- MDL- 4R160L0041611
    11.Maxtor- 160GB ---------- MDL- 6Y120L0132011
    12.Maxtor- 120GB ---------- MDL- 6Y120M013531A
    13. Maxtor- 120GB --------- MDL- 6B120M003811A
    14. Maxtor- 120GB --------- MDL- 6Y120M003811A
    15. Maxtor- 100GB --------- MDL- 6L100P0023211
    16. Maxtor- 80GB ---------- MDL- 6Y080M042744E
    17.Maxtor- 80GB ----------- MDL- 6Y080L0422001
    18.Maxtor- 80GB ----------- MDL- 6Y080M02744E
    19.Maxtor- 80GB ----------- MDL- 6V080E002631A
    20.Maxtor- 80GB ----------- MDL- 6Y080P0422811
    21.Maxtor- 80GB ----------- MDL- 6Y080L0422611
    22.Maxtor- 80GB ----------- MDL- 6L080M002AG3C
    23.Maxtor- 80GB ---------- -MDL- 6Y080L04220L4
    24.Maxtor- 80GB ---------- -MDL- 6Y080L0422011
    25.Maxtor- 60GB ----------- MDL- 4R060J0220231
    26.Maxtor- 40GB ----------- MDL- 4D040H2221231
    27.Maxtor- 40GB ----------- MDL- 4D040H2220511
    28.Maxtor- 20GB ----------- MDL- 5T020H2-
    29.Maxtor- 10GB ---------- -MDL- ST010H10EM
    30.Maxtor- 8.4GB ---------- MDL- 90871U2

    Western Digital

    1. W.D 80GB-------MDL- WD800BD-22JMA0------Tool-1.4MM
    2. W.D 80GB-------MDL- WD800BB-00FJA0-------Tool-1.4MM
    3. W.D 80GB-------MDL- WD8005D-6010A0--------Tool-1.4MM
    4. W.D 80GB-------MDL- WD800BD-22LRA0-------Tool-1.4MM
    5. W.D 40GB-------MDL- WD400FD-11CPE0-------Tool-1.4MM
    6. W.D 40GB-------MDL- WD400BB-22JCH0-------Tool-1.4MM
    7. W.D 40GB-------MDL- WD400BB-22HEV0-------Tool-1.4MM
    8. W.D 160GB-----MDL- WD1600JD-22HBB0------Tool-1.4MM
    9. W.D 120GB-----MDL- WD1200BB------------------Tool-1.4MM
    10.W.D 160GB----MDL- WD160JB-55NCB1--------Tool-2.2MM
    11.W.D 300GB----MDL- WD3000JB-00KFA0-------Tool-1.4MM
    12.W.D 500GB----MDL- WD500AAVS-00ZTB0----Tool-2.2MM
    13.W.D 30GB-----MDL- WD300AB-00BVA0---------Tool-1.4MM
    14.W.D 40GB-----MDL- WD400BB-22JHC0---------Tool-1.4MM
    15.W.D 40GB-----MDL- WD400JD-22JNA0---------Tool-1.4MM
    16.W.D 80GB---- MDL- WD800JP-60LUA0---------Tool-1.4MM
    17.W.D 40GB---- MDL- WD400EB-71CPF0---------Tool-1.4MM
    18.W.D 40GB---- MDL- WD400BB-88JHC0---------Tool-1.4MM
    19.W.D 40GB---- MDL- WD400BB-00FJA0---------Tool-1.4MM
    20.W.D 40GB---- MDL- WD400BB-75JHC0---------Tool-1.4MM
    21.W.D 40GB---- MDL- WD400BB-23FJA0---------Tool-1.4MM
    22.W.D 40GB---- MDL- WD400EB-00CPF0---------Tool-1.4MM
    23.W.D 120GB---MDL- WD1200BB-22FTA0--------Tool-1.4MM
    24.W.D 120GB---MDL- WD1200BB-53DWA0------Tool-1.4MM
    25.W.D 40GB---- MDL- WD400EB-11CPF0---------Tool-1.4MM
    26.W.D 20GB---- MDL- WD200EB-00CSF0---------Tool-1.4MM


    1.Hitachi- 40GB-----------MDL- IC35L040AVVN07-0
    2.Hitachi- 80GB-----------MDL- HDS728080PLA380
    3.Hitachi- 82.3GB--------MDL- HDS728080PLA380
    4.Hitachi- 41.1G----------MDL- IC35L040AVVA07-0
    5.Hitachi- 123.5GB------MDL-IC35L0120AVV207-0
    6.Hitachi- 320GB---------MDL- HDT725032VLAT80
    7.Hitachi- 41.1GB--------MDL- HDS722540VLAT20
    8.Hitachi- 41.1GB--------MDL- HDS728040PLAT20
    9.Hitachi- 80GB-----------MDL- HDS728080PLAT20
    10.Hitachi-40GB----------MDL- IC35L060AVV2070-0
    11.Hitachi-82.3GB-------MDL- IC35L080AVVA070-0
    12.Hitachi-82.3GB-------MDL- HDS572080PLAT20
    13.Hitachi-160GB--------MDL- HDS721616PLA380
    14.Hitachi-160GB--------MDL- HDT721016SLA380
    15.Hitachi-164GB--------MDL- HDS722516VLAT20


    1.SEAGATE BARRACUDA 7200.9 80GB--------MDL ST3802110AS --------TOOL-1.8MM
    2.SEAGATE SV35.2 320GB---------------------------MDL ST3320620AV---------TOOl-1.8MM
    3.SEAGATE BARRACUDA 7200.11 500GB-----MDL ST3500320AS -------TOOL-1.4MM
    4.SEAGATE BARRACUDA 7200.7 80GB--------MDL ST380013AS ----------TOOL-1.4MM
    5.SEAGATE BARRACUDA 7200.7 40GB--------MDL ST340014A ------------TOOL-1.4MM
    6.SEAGATE BARRACUDA 7200.7 60GB--------MDL ST3160021A ----------TOOL-1.4MM
    7.SEAGATE BARRACUDA ATA IV 40GB-------MDL ST340016A ------------TOOL-1.4MM
    8.SEAGATE BARRACUDA 7200.7 120GB------MDL ST3120022A------------TOOL-1.4MM
    9.SEAGATE BARRACUDA ATA III 30GB-------MDL ST330620A--------------TOOL-1.4MM
    10.SEAGATE U SERIES 20GB----------------------MDL ST320413A -------------TOOL-1.4MM
    11.SEAGATE SERIES 5 20GB ----------------------MDL ST320413A--------------TOOL-1.4MM
    12.SEAGATE U 6 40GB--------------------------------MDL ST340810A--------------TOOL-1.4MM
    13.SEAGATE BARRACUDA 7200.7 40GB------MDL ST340014AS -----------TOOL-1.4MM
    14.SEAGATE BARRACUDA 7200.7 80GB------MDL ST380011A -------------TOOL-1.4MM
    15.SEAGATE BARRACUDA 7200.9 80GB------MDL ST3802110AS ---------TOOL-1.8MM
    16.SEAGATE BARRACUDA 7200.7 80GB------MDL ST380817AS -----------TOOL-1.4MM
    17.SEAGATE BARRACUDA 7200.10 500GB---MDL ST3500630A -----------TOOL-1.8MM
    18.SEAGATE BARRACUDA ES 500GB----------MDL ST3500830NS ---------TOOL-1.8MM
    19.SEAGATE BARRACUDA 7200.10 360GB---MDL ST3360320AS -------- TOOL-1.8MM
    20.SEAGATE BARRACUDA 7200.12 500GB---MDL ST3500418AS----------TOOL-1.4MM
    21.SEAGATE BARRACUDA 7200.11 500GB---MDL ST3500620AS----------TOOL-1.4MM


    1. SUMSUNG 20GB-------MDL-SV2001H/COM-----Tool:1.4MM
    2. SUMSUNG 60GB-------MDL-SV6004H--------------Tool:1.4MM
    3. SUMSUNG 40GB-------MDL-SV4012H--------------Tool:1.4MM
    4. SUMSUNG 80GB-------MDL-SP0802N--------------Tool:1.4MM
    5. SUMSUNG 40GB-------MDL-SV4002H--------------Tool:1.4MM
    6. SUMSUNG 2.16GB----MDL-VG32163A------------Tool:0.8MM
    7. SUMSUNG 40GB-------MDL-SP4002H--------------Tool:1.4MM
    8. SUMSUNG 1.61GB----MDL-WNR-31601A(M)----Tool:0.8MM
    9. SUMSUNG 160GB-----MDL-SP1604N--------------Tool:1.4MM
    10. SUMSUNG 2.16GB--MDL-WA32163A------------Tool:0.8MM
    11. SUMSUNG 40GB-----MDL-SV0412H---------------Tool:1.4MM
    12. SUMSUNG 20.4GB--MDL-SV2044D/D0M-------Tool:0.8MM
    13. SUMSUNG 20.4GB--MDL-SV2044D---------------Tool:0.8MM

    QUANTUM--------------------------------Tool: 0.8mm

    1.Quantum -8.4GB-------MDL- LA08A011
    2.Quantum-15GB---------MDL- LC154013-01-A
    3.Quantum-10GB---------MDL- LB10A011
    4Quantum-10.2GB-------MDL- LD10A14-01-A
    5.Quantum -4.3GB-------MDL- LA04A011
    6.Quantum -20GB--------MDL- LC20A011-01-A
    7.Quantum -10.1GB------MDL- LB10A011
    8.Quantum-40GB---------MDL- AS40A011-02-A
    9.Quantum-15GB---------MDL- LC15A013-0OLA

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