Pen Drive Data Recovery

Is Data recovery with Physically Damaged or Broken Pen Drive is Possible ?


Yes It is Possible with HDRC Pen Drive Data Recovery or USB Flash drive data recovery Service


Pen drive or USB Flash Drive is portable and movable storage device. It is smaller and comfortable to carry , quicker and easier to transfer the data from one computer to another ,more Durably and Reliably due to their lack of moving parts .Pen Drive or Flash Drive makes your immovable data movable .While travelling or going for a presentation Personnels store all important data in a Pen Drive and relies on it. But along with the various advantages of miniature size, it also had some disadvantage of being chewed easily, submerged in water during machine wash etc.Same happened with USB Memory card where all your precious photos are stored .


But what if Pen drive or Flash Drive or USB Memory card gets damaged due to chewed and dropped in a pot of Water accidentally or Intentionally.What about the information you have stored in Pen Drive or Usb Flash Drive or USB Memory card? Definitely the data stored gets damaged or lost.


Even then sometime clients come with the Physically damaged pen drive and Broken pen drive destroyed due to various reasons for eg. Power surges, static electricity, lightning strikes, fires, floods, disruption, viruses, accidents and user Error i.e. deleted files

Most of the time it has been noticed that pen drive is destruct intentionally by the criminals to destroy the evidence .A number of tricks are employed by the criminals like chewing the pen drive, throwing it in the lake .And the part which is likely get affected is a ICs ,Inside the plastic casing is a small printed circuit board ,mounted on this board is some power circuitry and a small number of ICs, Typically one of these ICs provides an interface to the USB port.It is insulated electrically and protected inside with a plastic, metal or rubberised case. The USB connector may be protected by a removable cap or by keeping it in a drive case ,another drives the on board memory and the other is the flash memory


Whatever the reason is but the most suffer is a data loss. HDRC :Hardware data recovery company recover lost data from damaged or corrupted Pen Drive and provide complete solution for Pen Drive data recovery , USB flash Recovery. We at HDRC successfully retain data from corrupted or damaged Pen Drives instantly and serve your need speedily and in an affordable manner.

Our Pen Drive Data recovery Services Include:

  • Physically damaged Pen drive data recovery

  • Broken Pen drive recovery

  • USB memory card data recovery

  • Crashed Pen drive Recovery

  • USB flash drive data recovery

But Our Specialists at the HDRC even Assist in the Functioning of Forensic Services for a Government, Investigation services and law agencies to retain the data from the damaged and corrupted flash drives. We can recover and restore the lost data and missing, deleted music files, videos,. Pictures, images and text files from Flash Drives Including USB Flash Drive ,USB memory, Jump Drive, Pen Drive ,Pocket Drive, Thumb Drive and Many More Flash Drives which Support all major USB drive manufactures: Transcend ,Kingston ,Olympus ,Sony, Samsung ,Toshiba ,Super flash, Panasonic, HP ,Jet flash and other popular brands.


We at HDRC provides influential, simple and safe to use non-destructive Pen Drive data recovery utility!


HDRC ,Pioneer in Data Recovery ,where it is attuned to recover the data from Hitachi , Fujitsu ,IBM ,Quantum ,Western Digital ,Samsung, Toshiba ,Seagate , Maxtor hard drives and more. Our company support can offer affordable Data recovery Tools and Data Recovery services along with the training for organization that will allow your business to recover from a loss with the minimum amount of time ,trouble and expenditure.


For More Info ,

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