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New Online Course Content

    HDRC launches the New Data Recovery Training Course in attractive price of 45 USD only.

This course has videos and PDF only, this course doesn't have any Physical Data Recovery Tools. To get this course along with tools Click here  

The following topics are covered in Online Data Recovery Course

Chapter - 1 : Clean Room Chamber All You Need To know! - Detailed Description
Chapter - 2 : Firmware
Chapter - 3 : Donor Drive Selection
Chapter - 4 : Video : PCB Component Tour Video
Chapter - 5 : Testing Resistors
Chapter - 6 : Video : Testing Resistor Component and video
Chapter - 7 : Solder IC Chip & Test
Chapter - 8 : Video: Re-soldering IC chip and test for detection video
Chapter - 9 : Test And Repair Flash Storage Device
Chapter - 10 : Video: Soldering and De-soldering USB flash memory chips video
Chapter - 11 : Common Problems And Diagnostics Of Seagate Drives
Chapter - 12 : Hard Drive Magnets - How To Remove, Replace And Exchange
Chapter - 13 : Video: Usage of Magnet Exchanger Tool on Laptop and Desktop HDD video
Chapter - 14 : Dual Head Exchange Desktop Hard Drive
Chapter - 15 : Video: Head Exchange, 4 Videos
Chapter - 16 : Multi Platter Head Exchange
Chapter - 17 : Video of Head Exchange of SATA Seagate HDD
Chapter - 18 : Single Platter Exchange Desktop Hard Drive
Chapter - 19 : Video: Platter Exchanger Tool Usage Video
Chapter - 20 : Multi Platter Exchange Laptop With 6 Head 3 Platters
Chapter - 21 : Study of internal logic circuitry
Chapter - 22 : Platter Exchanger Tool Usage on Burned ,Flooded HDD Video
Chapter - 23 : Video of Read/Write Head Usage on Hard Drives
Chapter - 24 : Spindle Motor Unstuck Tool to release Jammed Motor
Chapter - 25 : Video Illustrating the use of Spindle Motor Unstuck Tool
Chapter - 26 : Video : SPINDLE MOTOR UNSTUCK TOOL (Version 4.0)
Chapter - 27 : Video : Platter Exchanger Tools (Version 5.01)


This course is also offered with our Hardware at affordable rates. Mail us for further detail at hdrc@hdrconline.com   OR  gauravhdrc@gmail.com     (click here to know more)


Once you paid, you'll be given an unique login ID and password within 24 hours using this ID & Password you can start reading your online course and available videos.

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New Online Course Content

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Please email hdrc@hdrconline.com and CC to gauravhdrconline@gmail.comif you require any information for a purchase or for any other queries

* The HDRC equipment is recommended to complete this course. 

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