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Packing List of New Read Write Head Change Tools for Laptop

New Read Write Head change tools for Laptop, Packing List shows list of tools provided with the kit, Tools are for Laptop hard drives. Kit contains total 24 pcs. (including 8 Bonus Tools) of tools.

  • 1.New Read Write Head Change Tool for Fujitsu 2.5" Hard Drive (2 Platters) (Version 6.2)(1 Pair)

  • 2.New Read Write Head Change Tool for Hitachi 2.5" Hard Drive (2 Platters) (Version 6.2)(1 Pair)

  • 3.New Head Change Tool for Samsung 2.5 HDD (1 platter) .75MM Platters (Version 6.2)(1 Pair)

  • 4.New Read Write Head Change Tool for Seagate FreePlay 2.5 HDD (3 Platters) (Version 6.2)(1 Pair)

  • 5.New Head Change Tool for Seagate 2.5 HDD (2 platters) .75MM Platter (Version 6.2)(1 Pair)

  • 6.New Read Write Head Change Tool for Toshiba 750GB Laptop Hard Drive 2 Platters (Version 6.2)(1 Pair)

  • 7.New Head Change Tool for Toshiba 2.5HDD 2 Platters (Item-ID:RWHCT-White )(Version6.2)(1 Pair)

  • 8. New Head Change Tool for Western Digital 2.5HDD 2 Platters(Item-ID:RWHCT-Purple )(Version6.2 )(1 Pair)

TOTAL NUMBERS OF TOOLS = 16 + 8(Bonus Tools) =24 PCS.

Bonus Items  !!


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