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Supporting Models : Magnet Exchanger Tools

(All models tested by HDRC : as per our stock)

Magnet Exchanger Tools have been tested on the given brands and models of the hard drives
Introduced the new version of Magnet Exchanger Tool With Red ,Blue and Green Enclosures are given below:


RED Enclosure Supports:

    Seagate Barracuda 7200.11, 500 GB

    MDL: ST3500320AS

    GREEN Enclosure Supports:


    1.ST340823A-------------40 GB
    2. ST340823A------------40 GB
    3. ST340014A------------40 GB
    4. ST340016A------------40 GB
    5. ST340014AS----------40 GB
    6. ST340012A------------40GB
    7. ST380817AS----------80 GB
    8. ST380011AS----------80GB
    9. ST380013AS----------80GB
    10. ST380819AS---------80GB
    11. ST3802110A---------80GB
    12. ST3808110AS--------80GB
    13. ST160215AS---------160GB
    14. ST3160021A---------160GB
    15. ST3250310AS--------250GB
    16. ST3160215A---------160GB

    Western Digital

    1. W.D800BD----22JMAO---80 GB
    2. W.D800BB----00FJAO---80 GB
    3. W.D800JD----60LVAO---80 GB
    4. W.D800BP----22LRAO---80 GB
    5. W.D300JB----00KFAO---300GB
    6. W.D1600JD--22HBBO---160GB
    7. W.D400BB---22JCHO---40 GB
    8. W.D400BB---22HCNO---40 GB
    9.W.D1200BB--22GUAO---120 GB
    10.W.D1600JS--55NCBI---160 GB


    1.Hitachi- 40GB---------MDL- IC35L040AVVN07-0
    2.Hitachi- 41.1G--------MDL- IC35L040AVVA07-o
    3.Hitachi- 80GB---------MDL- HDS728080PLA380
    4.Hitachi-160GB--------MDL- HDS721616PLA380
    5.Hitachi-40GB----------MDL- IC35L060AVV207-0

    BLUE Enclosure Supports:

    1.MAXTOR- 80GB----------MDL- 6VO80E0
    2.MAXTOR- 160GB---------MDL- 6Y160MOO4744E
    3.MAXTOR- 120GB---------MDL- 6Y120L0132011
    4.MAXTOR- 80GB----------MDL- 6Y080M042744E
    5.MAXTOR- 500GB---------MDL- 7H500F008A5RA
    6.MAXTOR- 250GB---------MDL- 7Y250P006A607
    7.MAXTOR- 40GB----------MDL- 4PO40H2221231
    8.MAXTOR- 80GB----------MDL- 6Y080M02749E
    9.MAXTOR- 80GB----------MDL- 6VO80E0026314
    10.MAXTOR- 80GB---------MDL- 6VO80E002631A
    11.MAXTOR- 60GB---------MDL- 4R060JO220231

    It also Supports to

    1. SEAGATE BARRACUDA 7200.11---1500 GB---MDL ST31500341AS
    2. SEAGATE BARRACUDA 7200.11---1000 GB---MDL ST1000333AS
    3. WESTERN DIGITAL-------------500 GB---MDL WD500AAKS-OOTMAO


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