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The Apple Mac file system HFS, HFS+, requires a unique methodology and approach to recover data as the the file system is very different from most other file systems but HDRC can recover data from the apple system also.


Although this file system is very reliable, stable and secure the media and storage system may become physically corrupt which impacts on the operability of the file system significantly thus requiring data recovery to be performed, usually this would require opening the media in one of our clean room facilities and repairing any faulty components such as the read write head and or pre-amplifier, this HDRC routinely carries out this form of recovery to Apple Mac systems.


A new service from HDRC is our iPod data recovery solutions. iTunes music data may have been downloaded from the internet at some cost and time, to loose this data would be a financial and time consuming issue, HDRC are pleased to offer a new service which will recover your iPod data at fraction of the cost and time of your initial investment, please contact HDRC today for iPod iTunes data recovery services and solutions.


Perhaps you have dropped your Apple Mac laptop or computer system, in ordinary circumstances this would probably mean that your data was gone forever, please never be tempted by mac recovery software you may discover on the internet as in this type of situation you could render the data unrecoverable, the solution is simple calmly call HDRC for a Apple Mac data recovery engineer to offer you assistance and guidance now.


Some times an unexpected error messages will come:


    » Not a HFS or Apple Volume

» Bad File Name

» No such volume

» Internal file system error

» A disk error occurred

» Do you want to initialize this disk?

» Drive not installed


Please note this a basic error list, please contact if you have other errors, solutions will be available.


The Mac file system is only as reliable as the media it is stored on, due to the unstable conditions and low margin for error, magnetic storage media can and will fail at some time, please ensure that you have implemented a backup solution and have thoroughly tested the policy.


HDRC have invested the resources required to recover:

Apple Mac systems such as from the following;

Apple Mac Performa Data Recovery

Apple Mac Power Macintosh Data Recovery

Apple Mac PowerBooks Data Recovery

Apple Mac 6800 Series Data Recovery

Apple Mac Quadra Data Recovery


Perhaps you have deleted your data via the trash and now need that all important data back, no problem HDRC can recover this data from the trash area please ensure that the system is shutdown as soon as you realize the data loss as the data may be overwritten which could destroy logical structure.


All Apple Mac based media and storage systems can be recovered via HDRC labs such as hard drives, CD, Smart media, Zip, digital camera cards, USB pen, and Apple iPod.


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