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An IP is such an information which can reveal many important facts about a computer located on a network such as Internet, Intranet, Ethernet, LAN, WAN etc.

Actually IP is the primary network protocol used on the Internet, developed in the 1970s. On the Internet and many other networks. IP supports unique addressing for computers on a network. Data on an IP network is organized into [packets]. Each IP packet includes both a header which specifies the source, destination, and other information about the data and the message data itself.


Every device connected to a network, be it a local area network (LAN) or the Internet, is given an Internet protocol number. This address is used to identify the device uniquely among all other devices connected to the extended network.

In simple word IP is the actual address of a computer on a network and every transaction of data between two or more computers on a Network use IP Addresses. So by tracking the IP we can reach to that computer which is used to act the criminal activities like Email Spoofing, SMS Spoofing, URL Spoofing, IP Spoofing, Phishing etc.

The terms :


Email Spoofing is when a spoofer falsifies the information about whom an e-mail is from. Most spam (unsolicited e-mail) uses e-mail spoofing with the primary intent to trick the recipient into viewing the e-mail. A good example is the thousands of e-mail claiming to be from eBay that are really spam. The spammer usually does not spoof to hide their location. In fact the spammer will go to much greater lengths to hide their actual location using a variety of techniques- so that they can not be found.


Text / SMS Spoofs are sent by either e-mail or through a web site. The sender inputs your number and then inputs the number or name they want you to see on the caller ID. They then input their message and send. See Text/SMS Spoofing for more in depth data.


URL Spoofing - When the address (A.K.A., domain name or URL) displayed in the address 'location' bar at the top of a browser is not really the web page being displayed it has been spoofed. For example the user may see www.citibank.com in the address location bar but really be on the web page www.iamgoingtorobyou.com.


IP Spoofing - (Internet Protocol Spoofing) - Data sent over the internet (such as an e-mail) is broken up and sent in small pieces of information called packets. These packets once received are reassembled by the recipient. Each packet contains information about who the packet is from and who the packet is to, among other data. Spoofers can falsify who the packet is from to trick the recipient. This type of spoofing is often used to gain access to machines which use IP authentication to verify identity. See IP Spoofing for more in depth data.


Phishing is a type of deception designed to steal your valuable personal data, such as credit card numbers, passwords, account data, or other information.


Con artists might send millions of fraudulent e-mail messages that appear to come from Web sites you trust,like your bank or credit card company, and request that you provide personal information.


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Ip Tracing

Analysis of Data

Steganography Tracking

Financial Fraud Tracking

Hard Disk Duplication & MD5 Hash




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