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We are justifiably proud of our reputation for providing best data recovery services, products and extremely beneficial training to some of the world's most admired companies and organizations.


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HDRC provides 24x7 hours data recovery services . You can call us at 91-11-9810041896 Executives anytime. We provide Up to 100% data recovery solutions. For online Data Recovery you can send or upload your file or files to us for recovery.You can write to us at hdrc@hdrconline.com

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New Launch: HEAD CHANGE TOOL MINI FOR WD 1 PLATTER || HEAD CHANGE TOOL MINI FOR WD 3 PLATTER 3 5 HDD || A) New RWHCT Seagate 80 GB( 1 PLTR) B) New RWHCT Seagate 2 TB (2PLTR) C) New RWHCT Western Digital 1 TB (1 PLTR)

Our Data Recovery Training Courses

Offline Physical Data Recovery Courses

Offline physical data recovery training course is aimed at providing complete information on how to recover lost data in a secure and efficient manner. The course is taught by highly experienced data recovery experts using Standard Data Recovery Tools.

Online Physical Data Recovery Courses

The overall aim of this course is to teach you how to perform successful head stack transplants and platter swapping. This course is not data recovery computer forensic training; however some tricks may be useful to forensic practitioners.
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Our Hardware Recovery Products

Hard Drive Platter Exchanger Tool

Remove up to four platters at once with no data loss! The tool works up to 90% for any manufacturer - Seagate, Hitachi etc. subject to the drives being built on international standards...
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Read Write Head Change Tool

Head Replacement Tools Remove & replace any head with our adjustable tool, no risk of platter or head damage! The tool is available in two varieties one for desktop & another for laptop.
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Magnet Exchanger Tool

Quick one handed magnet extraction, with no risk of dropping the magnet. The tool can be used to remove the magnets holding the heads in place when the need arises to replace...
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Spindle Motor Unstuck Tool

HDRC has developed and launched NEW Tool Kit named Spindle Motor Unstuck Tool to release the seized /jammed motor of Hard Drive.
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Work Bench has been designed keeping in mind that while performing data recovery, it is extremely important that there should not be any misalignment of the components of your hard drive...     
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Clean Room Chamber

How to build your own low cost Clean Room Chamber. The Clean Room Chamber is necessary to prevent damage to the heads and or platters of an opened hard drive...     
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Read Write Head Alignment Kit (Desktop)

Many a times, we do not require replacing the read write Head. There is only minor x/y/z direction adjustment. We are now in the process to provide this kit to test the alignment launching soon      

Our Automated Data Recovery Tools

Automated Platter Replacement Machine ........Launching soon within 4 to 6 Months

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Our Data Recovery Services


Physical, Forensic and Other Data Recovery Services

HDRC is Aimed at providing complete Data recovery Services to recover lost data in a secure and efficient manner .Our Main Services Include Hardware Data recovery Services, Logical and Physical Data Recovery, Forensic Data Recovery, Data Recovery Analysis, Hard Disk Duplication with MD5 hash and Many More....


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Welcome to

HDRC, is an ISO 9001:2000 certified Data Recovery Company specializing in Data Recovery Tools, Training and Services. HDRC is working since 1996 in data recovery services. We are aware of the pitfalls of data loss and the risks to business. Months or years of work can be lost in seconds due to disk failure; fault or virus attack.HDRC has the knowledge and experience to get your data back quickly and efficiently. . Our range of low cost services for lost data recovery ensures that you can resume your business or save your job with minimum downtime.

Data Recovery Services and hardware tools provided by HDRC include manufacturing and supplying Data Recovery Tools or Equipment as well as Data Recovery Training. The Data Recovery Training is available in different packages to suit each student according to their needs, enabling students to walk away after training to perform Hard Disk Data Recovery in the same way as HDRC. HDRC offers many different Hard Drive Data Recovery Services and will give you an honest estimation, unlike some companies who will give you false information about 100% success rates, Hard Drive Failure can mean in cases where your platters are scratched that some data is irretrievable. Our staff will be happy to help with your enquiry either by phone or if you call in at the office, we will welcome you and work hard to recover your data for you.

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