Can I trust HDRC with my data?

HDRC offers an elite data recovery service as well as software and training for physical and logical hard disk drive recovery. Our all services come with low cost pricing and upto 100% satisfaction guarantee on data recovery services. We have no hidden fees and no advance fees until your data has been recovered. We will always advice you of cost after our free diagnosis before we recover the data. Your consent will be required should we need to open your hard drive for invasive repairs.


HDRC data recovery staff are often capable of recovering data other companies say is impossible.


Our regular services include:

       Server Corruption and Hardware Failure.

       Virus and malicious code damage.

       RAID Configurations.

       Fire, Flood, Lightning Damage.

       Sabotage or user damages.

       Logic Card / PCB Failures.


With over 15 years experience in data recovery HDRC has the knowledge, tools and equipment to recover your data from any capacity hard drive of configurations. Our service guarantees you upto 100% satisfaction. No data no fee.


»   Free Media Assessment

»   HDRC Services

»   Data Recovery in Case of Firmware Problems

»   Burned Hard Drive Data Recovery

»   Water and other liquid damaged hard drive data recovery

»   Laptop or casing dropped/crashed hard drive data recovery

»   Data recovery from power failure in hard drive due to light fluctuate

»  Data recovery from clicking sound in hard drive

»   Data recovery from overheating hard drives / PCB problems

»  Hard Drive Data Recovery

»  iPOD Data Recovery

»   Secure Data Erasure and Duplication

»   What do in a crisis


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Contact Us: Soniya Singh - +919910041896,+919810041896 or hdrc@hdrconline.com

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