Hard Drive Data Recovery


hard drive recovery HDRC recovers data from hard drives built and manufactured from all the main hard drive vendors such as: Seagate, Samsung, Hitachi, WD, Fujitsu, Maxtor, Toshiba, IBM and more.


HDRC has been successfully recovering the data from hard drives for the last 16 years.


It is quite common that a hard drive will be working one minute and then dead a minute or two later. Problems vary, from electrical faults on PCBs / Logic Cards, Pre AMP failure, read write head damage, spindle motor seizure.


HDRC has the hardware, software and dedicated staff required to repair these drives prior to data recovery. Hard drives that have been formatted can be quite easily recovered as the problem is logical. Physical damage may indicate that the drive needs a precise repair at the hands of one of our engineers.


Dropped hard drives that make noise, yes we can fix those, this would indicate the heads or the motor has some damage. Hard drives making a clicking noise can be repaired.


From viruses, accidents to malicious workforce sabotage and beyond HDRC can recover your data with an ever increasing success rate behind us, if we cant get your data back then no one can.


HDRC uses its own bad sector repair software for duplicating drives with bad sectors.


Power surges can also cause damage to computer hard drives too, the voltage may damage the PCB.


Click the service below to see its details »

Click the services below to see its details »

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To learn more about data recovery yourself we can teach this and more in our online or offline training courses.


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