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Read Write Head Change Tool FAQ

   Q. Do I need the 2.5" and 3.5" read write head change tools?

   A. If you are working on both laptop and desktop hard drives yes you need at least one of each.

Q. Where do the goods ship from?

   A. The products / hardware are manufactured and shipped from India.

   Q. How long does it take from payment to receiving the goods?.

   A. It takes 3-5 business days to manufacture your order and 7-10 business days for
   mailing them (note we cannot be held responsible for customs delays or strikes)

   Q. You only sell one head change tool per form factor, how does the tool
   work if the platters and heads are all at different heights in hard drives?

   A. The read write head tool is fully adjustable, you adjust this manually to the required height.

   Q. The drive has 6 heads will your read write head tool remove the heads?

   A. Yes if you purchase several of our tools you will have enough components to remove
   as many heads as you want. A single tool will handle 1-6 heads. Two tools can be
    combined to remove 12 heads not that we see many drives like that in this day and age.

   Q. Are there instructions to show me how the read write head tool works?

   A.Yes, the video , manual and tool usage flow chart will provide you with such instructions.



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