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After using hard drive diagnostics hardware or hard drive cloning hardware and not accessing the data what do you do next. The next stage is repairs and sometimes we have to move into the clean room to get the drive repaired. HDRC platter removal tool is great for removing most platters from hard drives when transplanting them to a donor.


To use the tool is very easy it does take practice before you attempt a platter extraction on a 500GB hard drive. Each tool comes as a pair (Target and Donor) and there is a bay to place and secure your drives into, once these are affixed to your work surface or our workbench then you can work on the drive whilst it is held still.


This prevents many common accidents when working near the platters. The tool acts as a shield against dust, screws or screwdriver damage and accidentally touching the platters. We have seen many drives come for a recovery where there are fingerprints on the platters.


When you have the platters out of the hard drive they can be inspected for damage as the tool is clear and keeps a hold of the platters while you view them. You must take care when examining platters that you do not allow the spacers to slide over the platters surface. Examine from above or below only, do not tilt.

When operating on a hard drive to perform a platter swap you will need a working donor our online physical recovery course gives you the information required to select an accurate donor.


Platter Exchanger Tools
                         Platter Exchanger Tools :  1)  For Desktop PEDA 0066  2)  For Laptop PEDA 0099

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