HDD Duplication services (MD5 Hash)

HDRC provides HDD Duplication services (MD5 Hash):


A primary server or workstation that is most important to your business. That is the system that you would want to have saved every time. Think a moment if it went down what would happen to your business, would it suffer? Off course ! It will.


Now imagine a scheme like Insurance policy, yes! here you got it.


Hard Disk Duplication is an insurance policy without the recurring monthly payments. You can save your business by saving your Important data on your most important computers.


These days Hard drive duplication is becoming the more popular method of backing up data from a HDD for security reasons and will make a perfect clone of the target hard drive. We provide you the byte by byte copy of most hard drives and make a clone that can be used for backups in case of a hard drive failure or use it for the investigation of cyber crimes.


This service is not intended to replace your normal backup procedure. Should your hard drive go down you would simply swap out that drive, reload your latest backup and your 're up and running.


Without the clone handy, you would have to find a replacement drive, install the operating system with drivers, redo your configuration, and reload all your software before you could reload your last backup. Now consider this, is a copy of your operating system software, programs, and drivers for your systems hardware readily available?  Did you keep any notes on your system configuration?  What about all the updates to your system since you've been using it?  This process could take anywhere from 4 hours to two weeks to complete and most would require some professional help to get this done.  Can your business afford to be down for a few hours?   Days?  Weeks? No! Never! You can't loose.


Our MD5 Verification Service :
We computes a complete MD5, 128 bit authentication of source and destination drives to ensure that:

1. Source drive has not been changed

2. Source and destination drive match after capture.

3. Source and destination do no match prior to capture. MD5 signatures appear on the printed report.

Our Forensic MD5 service is designed specifically for the requirements of law enforcement, corporate security, and cyber crime investigation of forensic computer data. The MD5 is simply the best forensic hard disk data recovery system for law enforcement, corporate security, and cyber crime investigation and prosecution.

Use our services to save your important data and time.


We Provide services for the following field :


Ip Tracing

Analysis of Data

Steganography Tracking

Financial Fraud Tracking

Hard Disk Duplication & MD5 Hash

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