Over 15 years of experience in hardware and data recovery We have been come across to various circumstances where client have gone through drastic situation where they have to face a major dilemma for slight a bit of carelessness in which there condition has become very miserable. And they have to face a heavy loss in one or the other issue.

In one of the Incident One of our client have to give presentation in the annual meeting, and all his important data and presentation report has been kept in a laptop but one week before the presentation suddenly his laptop fell down .After pulling the laptop when he tried to restart the laptop he noticed some kind of noise is coming and after properly analyzing he find that something wrong e happened with the Hard Disk. He was terribly upset and evoke that he failed to backup and according to the local technician all his vitally important and crucial data have been lost .but now it is too late to worry about.

But as soon he Heard about the HDRC he rushed to us with a Hard Drive in such a condition where data recovery was not possible due to the sever mechanical damages, but our experts at HDRC assured him not to be bothered .They first tested the hard drive in our lab in order to understand the main problem in it and after analyzing they recover all his important and vital data before his presentation. He expressed a gratitude and thanks as all his important data we have recovered from dropped and physically damaged laptop which was beyond recovery .This is not the only dilemma of one client .Some or the other day the same situation is faced by most of the clients where hard disk or laptop have been dropped due to any reasons and faced the same situation .But HDRC is always standing by to support you with an effective and affordable data recovery in case of dropped and damaged hard drive .

It can happen to anyone, anywhere, intentionally or unintentionally, most of the time criminals use to throw the laptop or computer Hard Drive from the top floor in order to destroy the evidence for any of the offence done .But in such a condition also It is possible for HDRC to retain the data from damaged and dropped hard drive and thus helping in a legal proceedings of government and law agencies as a forensic support.

Whenever the laptop or Hard Drive falls the first thing that gets damaged is Read Write Head and spindle motor Which in turn enhance the disturbance by giving the clicking and buzzing sound whenever the clients try to start the computer and in such a condition Hard Drive fails in detection.

We cure Where others start praying , because sometimes it becomes impossible for the other hardware data recovery companies to recover the data from such a drastic situation but where all company fails their HDRC accomplish triumph to recover the data in any situation .

HDRC is also capable of managing in the following situation:

Hard Drive Not detected by BIOS

Clicking sound in hard drive l

Scratching or grinding sounds

Not Powering on at all

No Spinning, Power Surge

Hard Drive crash / stopped working without warning

Fire, Water, Flood, Tea, Cold Drink, Coffee and other Liquid Damage

If detection is in hard drive but it is not showing detection in control panel

Freezing or locking up the computer.

Lost partition/corrupted partition.

Hard Drive showing 0 MB capacity or wrong capacity.

Accidental Deletion of Data.

Reformatting of partitions.

Hard disk is unable to be accessed.

Virus attack and corruption.

Inaccessible drives and partitions.

Unable to boot computer.

Windows blue screen or rebooting

Clicking / Knocking sounds (damaged heads).

Seized Spindle motor (buzzing sounds)

Data corrupted, data error

We recover the data from Hitachi, Fujitsu, IBM, Quantum, Western Digital, Samsung Toshiba, Seagate & Maxtor hard drives and more.

If you would like to learn how to resolve this type of data recovery issue, this topic is covered in our online physical data recovery training course

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