Step 1 . Whenever a client gives a hard drive at H.D.R.C, it is first tested in order to understand the main problem in it. ( At times when there is some physical problem in the hard drive,we open the same to ensure whether the data would be recovered or not).Please note that once we open the hard disk,its warranty would be void


NOTE:- Please take back up of your data (if you are able to see some data) in another media before giving your hard drive at H.D.R.C for data recovery purpose.This is recommended so that the hard drive does not occur any problem during its testing.


If you are sending your hard drive for data recovery purpose at H.D.R.C by courier then please download the MEDIA ASSESSMENT FORM.


TO download,right click on the link and choose "save target as".. MEDIA ASSESSMENT FORM


We suggest you to wrap your hard drive in lots of bubble wrap or foam to protect your drive from damage in transit. Include in the box your business card or your contact details and a note describing the problem with the drive and the most important files/folders you need back ASAP.


Step 2.After testing we will give the estimate for data recovery.You can also check the estimate for different problems of different capacity hard drives. There is no estimate for hard drive testing. Testing is absolutely free of cost.


Step 3.We start the work only after your approval for the estimate.. 50%deposit required prior to Data Recovery, If no Data is recovered then your deposit would be returned back to you. ( We will return your hard drive back if, for any reasons you do not approve the estimate. There is no charge for testing.)


Step 4.After recovering your data, you will receive a text file of your data at your e-mail id. You can open that txt file in notepad or word pad and can see names of all the folders and files which have been recovered.


Step 5.If you are happy with the data which you checked in txt file then you can collect the data personally at our office HDRC or we can send your data by courier.


Step 6.If your data is upto 1GB then we will burn 2CD for your data. If your data upto 4 GB or 7GB then we will burn 2DVD for your data and give to you or send it by courier. But if your data more then 8GB then you have to provide backup device (Any spare hard drive which you have) for data backup


Step 7. After checking the txt file you need to deposit the cost of data recovery which you approved during the initial phase.


Step 8.After receiving the payment your recovered data would be delivered


Step 9.After delivery of recovered data we will keep your data backup for 3 days only. After that,the data back up we recovered would be deleted .WE"LL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE OR LOSS AFTER 3 DAYS of DATA DELIVERY. If you need your data again, then you are expected to collect your data within 2 days from the date of data delivery.


Contact Us: Soniya Singh - +919910041896,+919810041896 or or


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