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HDRC are in data recovery services since 1996, HDRC has the knowledge, Expertise ,Tools and Equipment to Recover Data from any capacity hard drive or of any configurations.

HDRC : An Hard Disk Data Recovery company India, offers an Hard Drive Data Recovery Service , Tools and Training for physical and logical Hard Disk Data Recovery at an affordable rate with the help of Hard Drive Data Recovery experts. Our all Data Recovery Services comes with low cost pricing and up to 100% satisfaction guarantee on Data Recovery along with free Diagnose and No Data No Fee until your data has been recovered .

We Offer Data Recovery Services With appropriate DATA RECOVERY PROCESS and FREE MEDIA ASSESSMENT


Our Main Data Recovery Services are categorised below:






Our Data Recovery Tools

HDRC feels Proud to announce that Apart from Data Recovery Services We are the only company in World who offers Data Recovery Tools fully Developed and Manufactured under the Guidance of Hard Disk Data Recovery Experts.

Our Main Hardware Data Recovery Tools Are:


Our Data Recovery Training

HDRC :Hard Disk data Recovery Company offers physical data recovery training course aimed at providing complete information on how to recover lost data in a secure and efficient manner.

The course is taught by highly experienced data recovery experts using Standard Data Recovery Tools.

This course is also offered with Hardware for just 1099 USD .


Our Forensic Service covers all areas of Computer fraud, computer misuse, internet/email abuse etc. We assist these organizations in finding the vital facts related to these cases.

In the belongings of civil and criminal cases, you may suspect that the information that you require has been corrupted, tampered, deleted, hidden or is missing. And due to this corporate IT, information security organization, various government and law agencies are often required to perform computer forensics duties on their jobs as Computer Forensic Services. In such cases HDRC provides digital investigation , analysis , physical data recovery Service and cyber forensic Relater Data Recovery tools and Data Recovery services to recover data from all types of computer or cyber related crime.

HDRC ,Pioneer in Data Recovery ,where it is attuned to recover the data from Hitachi , Fujitsu ,IBM ,Quantum ,Western Digital ,Samsung, Toshiba ,Seagate , Maxtor hard drives and more. Our company support can offer affordable Data recovery Tools and Data Recovery services along with the training for organization that will allow your business to recover from a loss with the minimum amount of time ,trouble and expenditure.

You must know if you are going to recover your data from your hard drive from the Data Recovery Company

Please check/visit the Data Recovery Company (where you are going to give your Hard Drive before giving your Hard Drive for Data Recovery purpose as your data is precious and valuable and you have the Rights to ask these questions to any Data Recovery Company:

QUALIFICATION:- Data Recovery Company has the experience and qualification in Logical/Physical & Server Data Recovery?

APPROPRIATE TOOLS:- If there is physical problem in the hard drive. Hard drive is not detected. Data Recovery Company is saying to you that there is Read Write Head Problem or Head is broken or Hard drive is crashed. Customer has right to ask that how data recovery will be done.If Read Write Heads are not working, has the Company appropriate Read Write Head Replacement Tool for successful Data Recovery. Does Data Recovery Company have the Appropriate Physical/logical Data Recovery Tools?

a.  Read Write Head Change Toolkit for successfully Head Replacement of any Hard drive.
b. Platter Exchanger Tool kit for replacing the platters of the Hard Drives.
c. Spindle Motor Unstuck Tool kit for jammed motors and stuck heads.
d. Magnet Exchanger Tool kit for removing and replacing the magnet of the hard drive for utter most protection of    data.

CLEAN ROOM CHAMBER/LAB:- If your Hard Drive is not detected and having physical problem, before giving your Hard Drive to any Data Recovery Company,ask them, where they will open your Hard Drive?. That Data Recovery Company has the Clean Room Lab/ Clean Room Chamber/Environment. Clean Room Chamber/ Clean Room Lab for opening the Hard Drives for physical data recovery (Head replacement, platter replacement and other physical Data Recovery) so that data could be recovered successfully without any damaged.If Proclaimed Company do not do Physical Data Recovery in Clean Room Chamber/ Clean Room Lab, dust will reach on the platters and valuable data will be lost permanently.

SECURITY OF DATA:- Govt. Agencies/Govt. Research & Development Centres Law Enforcement, or whosoever the Data Security is uttermost level and valuable. You have the Rightsto go to Data Recovery Company and check their Technology which they use for Data Recovery before giving their Hard Drive for Data Recovery .If you are satisfied to their answers including Technologies and Physical Data Recovery Tools and Clean Room Chamber/ Environment then you can give your hard drive otherwise do not give your hard driveto that data recovery company because your data is more valuable.


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