What to do in a crisis


HDRC is here to help in the event of data loss.


HDRC is committed to helping our clients in the event of data loss, we are not available 24 hours however through partnership we can offer fast response time to emails. We are aware through experience that not everyone has contingency plans and backups, also that on occasions backups can fail too. In the event of any data loss e-mail us.


After losing any data the time frame for recovery has a large impact even on large companies, we are aware of this and will endeavour to get your data back to you with fast response times. Emergency services are available and we will work 24 hours to assist in getting your data back for you when the need arises. Many businesses can go out of business after losing the data for just a few days. HDRC understands this and offers services suitable for all companies and individuals.


HDRC does not offer just standard services we will tailor our services to suit your needs, there may be occasions where something new is requested from us and we will go out of our way to assist you and meet your requirements. Your data is as important to us as it is to you.


Minimize your risks


What should you do if you suffer from data loss? If it is the company server, corporate laptop, NAS, SAS, memory card or PC hard disk drive here is a standard set of rules and guidelines to follow. Most importantly do not panic, try to stay relaxed, the loss is likely to be made worse if you panic and start to try different options you have heard may work. DONT DO MAKE ANY ATTEMPT AT ANY RECOVERY IF YOU ARE NOT CALM. Irrational recoveries tend to make the problem worse, instead gather the information you will need for a data recovery company.


You will need the Make and Model of hard drives if available, operating system name, if the drives are in a RAID configuration what type if known, what file system are you using. What happened before the failure? Any warning messages, noises or strange smells?


Do not power on the device where the media is located, doing so may depreciate the chances of recovery and damage the media further.


Take a few minutes to relax, regain composure and gather facts, call a data recovery company and tell them about your problem, A good data recovery will help you. Finally if you are not sure whether to attempt the recovery yourself with logical software from the internet, consider this:-


Most tools need to be installed onto an operating system and overwrite data to install the application; can you afford to overwrite the data you need? If self recovery fails and the chances of recovery are decreased by doing so is it worth the risk? Always consult a professional.



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