Burned Hard Drive Data Recovered

Is it Possible to Recover the data from burned or fire damaged hard drive?

Yes it is Possible with HDRC.

To prevent natural disaster like lightning strikes, fires and floods, are beyond human nature. Natural disasters, can prove to be the loss of your business, property and financial position . It is painless to recover the Business, property and financial loss through Insurance but how your important and critical data on a storage media like hard drive that have been damaged or burned in natural disasters can recover ?

Your hard drive may contain all your customer database, financial records ,inventory files and manufacturing data. Due to this disaster many businesses have faced bankruptcy and loss . There are some problems which are ahead of human hand but the technology is the blessing for human being. And here is the HDRC has a Solution for all your problem.

Recovery of data from fire damaged hard drive or physically damaged hard drive is not an big issue for HDRC. The experts of HDRC are well efficient and experienced enough to retain the data from burned or crashed hard drive .

Burned hard drive often results in some data loss and in most cases you may not be able to recover all the lost data. Hardware will very often have been partially or totally destroyed .On the other hand, the physical damage can also result in the damage of the logical structures of the file system which prevents file system structures from being completely written to the hard drive. Each fire damaged drive must be cautiously cleaned to prevent infectivity of the platters by soot and to repair smoke damage that the drive may have incurred. In tremendous cases, hard drive electronics can become so damaged that it's essential to completely rebuild them, which requires delicate and precise microcode repair.

Recovering data from fire damaged drives can be a complicated and time consuming process, When a drive has been burned or damaged by fire, it's important to get it to a data recovery company as quickly as possible. At HDRC we are equipped to deal with many problems. We have the knowledge to identify the remnants of the drive and if the platters are intact can recover your data for you. Sometimes the damage can cause bad sectors and slow the recovery process down. In order to retain the data from hard disk HDRC is well equipped with the more advanced tools :

Platter exchange tool.

Read /write head change tool

New Read /write head change tool

Spindle motor Unstuck tool

Magnet exchanger

Computer forensic tools

HDRC is a best and affordable hard drive data recovery company where all the experts and efficient technicians are able to retain the critical and very crucial data from burned hard drive . HDRC Also offers following services.:

Physically damaged hard drive recovery

Water damaged hard drive recovery

Burned hard drive recovery

Crashed hard drive data recovery

Dropped hard drive data recovery

Head crashed hard drive recovery

Media crashed hard drive recovery

Spindle motor jam data recovery

Computer forensic data recovery

We recover the data from Hitachi, Fujitsu, IBM, Quantum, Western Digital, Samsung Toshiba, Seagate & Maxtor hard drives and more. If you would like to learn how to resolve this type of data recovery issue, this topic is covered in our online physical data recovery training course

Example of Burned Hard Drive


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