HDRC is an organization which has grown three folds Since 1996, and is now growing into multi-activity, multi-operational global organization covering almost every area of Hard Disk Data Recovery: Hard Disk Recovery Tools, Data Recovery Services, Hard Disk Recovery Training Courses, HDRC offers integrated solutions catering to all IT needs of its customers in terms of Hard Disk data recovery.


HDRC is offering two types of training courses - online and offline physical data recovery training .


The overall aim of this course is to teach you how to perform successful head stack transplants and platter swapping. This course is not data recovery computer forensic training, however some tricks may be useful to forensic practitioners.






About HDRC

. We are specialists in Data Recovery through Head Transplant, a technology that has been introduced in India by us.

HDRC Tools

· Platter Exchanger Tools

· Read/Write Head Replacement Tools

· New Read Write Head Change Tools

· Magnet Exchanger Tool

· Spindle Motor Unstuck Tool

· Clean Room Chamber

· Laminar Flow Bench


Data Recovery Courses

Highlights of the Course:


· 14 Days Online Course / 2 days Offline course


· Individual Attention


· Group Classes


· Experienced Faculty


· For Beginners—Beginners Recovery Gateway


· For Experienced— Experts Recovery Gateway


· Initial Registration Fee (Fully Refundable) - 250 USD


· For more info, Call us at 91-11-26414447.




Our courses teach a brief range of topics giving you all the skills needed to transplant multi platters and multi heads. This is ideal for people who wish to bring dead hard drives back to life for recovery.

We will train you how to use our products. Our course will show you practical use of our products in some of the recoveries.