Platter Exchanger Tool

HDRC has developed and manufactured a number of simple to use platter exchanger tools for transplantation of platters .With these tool you can remove up to 4 platters in desktop HDD and 3 Platters in laptop HDD at once with our hard drive platter exchanger tools with no data loss!




Hard drives are commonly dropped and the chances are if you do so you will damage the heads or platters, maybe both you could find that the motor even suffers failure. When we start to come across problems of this nature such as dropping the media at the pool the motor is useless in our data recovery you simply cannot dry it out and would need to swap the platters into a working drive. There are many other reasons why you would need to swap the platters most are covered in our online physical data recovery course.


After using hard drive diagnostics hardware or hard drive cloning hardware and not accessing the data what do you do next. The next stage is repairs and sometimes we have to move into the clean room chamber to get the drive repaired. HDRC platter removal tool is great for removing most platters from hard drives when transplanting them to a donor.


To use the tool is very easy it does take practice before you attempt a platter extraction on a 500GB hard drive. Each tool comes as a pair (Target and Donor) and there is a bay to place and secure your drives into, once these are affixed to your work surface or our workbench then you can work on the drive whilst it is held still.


This prevents many common accidents when working near the platters. The tool acts as a shield against dust, screws or screwdriver damage and accidentally touching the platters. We have seen many drives come for a recovery where there are fingerprints on the platters.


When you have the platters out of the hard drive they can be inspected for damage as the tool is clear and keeps a hold of the platters while you view them. You must take care when examining platters that you do not allow the spacers to slide over the platters surface. Examine from above or below only, do not tilt.

When operating on a hard drive to perform a platter swap you will need a working donor our online physical recovery course gives you the information required to select an accurate donor.


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Read Write Head Replacement Tool




This article explains about read write heads and how crucial it is to keep the heads from crashing which is why we developed the read write head tool to remove the heads safely.


To keep the heads from crashing into the platter is just as important to keep them from crashing into each other although they shouldn’t be allowed to touch the platters. H.D.R.C has developed a tool that when used in a data recovery process will prevent the read / write heads from making contact with each other, and /or crashing to the platter.


The heads on each type of drive sit at different heights to fly over the different heights of the platters. The platters vary in height due to the spacers that are used to keep them apart. H.D.R.C read write head tool is fully adjustable for one or more heads at different heights. One tool fits all. This can do multi platter, single platter and dual or two platter hard drives head stack swaps.


The tool itself is very simple to use and causes no damage to the heads or the platters surface.

The tools are available for both desktop and laptop hard drives to work both you would need both of the products (These are included free in our online courses). Once you have adjusted them to the appropriate heights using the platters as a guide you simply slide the heads onto the wedges to remove the heads without damage.


If we were to take a close look at a read / write head we would see that there are copper coils belonging to the transducer, and tiny electric wires attached to gold pads.


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Magnet Exchanger Tool



To remove other more difficult hard drive magnets you will require special equipment, sadly we have also seen many drives where the data has been lost when a technician has used pliers. Unfortunately these are not accurate in removing the magnet the pliers do not grip the magnet securely. Many clients have asked us to recover the data after another company has dropped the magnet inside the hard drive. The damage can happen in different ways from dropping the magnet onto platters or heads and causing shock or scratches. H.D.R.C. has developed a unique and easy to use tool that is operated by one hand and prevents damage to the hard drive by keeping the magnet held in place until you choose to release it. It is very simple for anyone to use just simply press a button to either release or grip. Our online physical data recovery course also shows you the simple and easy to pick up technique to remove the magnet without struggling. Training includes how to remove the one piece magnet from Samsung hard drives safely.


Magnets are used in many data recovery and destruction scenarios, for example the hard drive magnet is capable of being a good eraser for DAT tapes, but the hard drive itself requires a degausses for the same level of security and destruction.


Quick one handed extraction of the magnet, with no risk of dropping the magnet.


The actuator coil is always housed or surrounded by a magnet to control its movement. In data recovery when we need to change the heads or platters we always have to remove the magnet away from the voice coil during disassembly.


Data Recovery Tools helps you to recover lost data


Data recovery tools are generally used so that you are able to recover your lost files. In case you have lost or permanently deleted an important file by accident, then various types of data recovery tools are there to recover your lost data.


If you already have been through the experience of need for data recovery tools then you better know how important it is for you to establish a back up set for the system. But the main thing of concern is to recover the lost data and download the data recovery tools.


There are a variety of different tools available to restore the entire data and that is in form of software programs. As there are so many different types of products available in the market, selecting one or two from them seems a bit confusing. In order to make more money vendors generally break up their software into different utilities to confuse the consumers.


It is advised to use those tools that are your own. There are certain data recovery tools available on computers also which many users forget. The trash bin on your desk top can have the secondary copy that can be reused. You can try searching for a copy that may exist in your computer through the function of search.


You can begin with trash bin. Click on the icon and search through all the trashed files. If you find the selected file then double click on the file and you could see the restore button. The search function will help you to find the missing files. These are located in different places of hard disk depending on the operating system you use.


In the bottom of computer screen in windows there is magnifying glass with the start icon. You can open this icon. The directions will appear on the left of this and instruct you how to proceed. Follow these directions and see if there could recover the files. In case you have tried the options stated above and could not get any result then it is time to switch over to professional data recovery tools. You will feel happy to find that there are some free data recovery tools available but some of these programs are not that powerful so can try for some of them. Searching these free programs also takes much time some times.


If you want to get back your data quickly as soon as possible without putting your much of efforts then go for paid data recovery tools. The data recovery tools that are paid are more powerful than the free available utilities. It is necessary that you first get a try of such data recovery tools before purchasing it. This will ensure you about the actual working of these tools.


There are limitations of all data recovery tools. They do not promise 100 percent of your time, so there are chances that they may not work. The last option is to try a good and experienced company in data recovery. NO doubt professional services are more expensive than using your own data recovery tools but they can help you to get back your data as quickly as possible.

Selecting a data recovery company

The loss of internal data for a company could mean the stoppage of all daily operations and this could lead to further financial losses. Therefore it is necessary for a company to protect itself against any possibility of getting lost or failure of company IT hardware.


Generally data crashes occur when there is existence of some physical or logical error in the system, Hard disk, CD_Roms and tape drives. Ultimately such type of storage media fails whenever such type of error occurs. This could be due to a number of reasons like physical damage to media, head crashes, power failure and motor problems etc.


In such type of situation you need to restore all the precious data. This becomes more essential when there is no backup taken for this data and the same data do not exist in any other location also. There are many companies and IT personnel that deal with the data recovery failures, but in intense situations it is better to get the services of a reliable data recovery company.They have the proper equipments and enough experience to deal with such type of situations. There are some things of considerations before dealing with any data recovery company:-


While considering a data recovery company first of all see that they have the proper equipments and facilities to deal with the needs of your data recovery. Just ensure that the data recovery centres have proper clean room chambers that are of good class because your data equipments like hard disks and storage drives are quite sensitive to deal with and need to be kept in secure places and saved from dust and particles that exist in the normal environment. Also enquire that the companies have equipment like manometers that are used to manually extract the bits from media.


Be wise to interact with that data company that offers long term relationships to its customers. Also know about your needs before dealing with any data recovery company. Some companies specialize in optical media while others specialize in magnetic media. On the other hand some companies have expertise in dealing with tape storage. So you need to determine your needs. So you need to ensure that the company has the proper resources to sufficiently deal with your data recovery situation.


Always look at the expertise dealing with the situation of your data loss. It may not be a bad idea to look at the qualification as well as experience of engineers. So, you will not be having any doubts and concern when you handle such data recovery work to these persons.

Data recovery services for your safety

When you log on to your computer and find that the system has experienced a complete failure, you really feel frustrated. You are also in need to recover all the crucial data that was really providing utility to your operating systems and programs.


In case you are very serious about recovering the lost data then you should contact data recovery service. There are many good companies that provide such services and help you to recover those that had been disappeared. Thus they help to rescue the fortunes of many PC users and individuals associated with it.


There are many data recovery companies found over the internet. In case you are in need for a quality company to find your files, then worldwide web is the best place and there is no need to look further.


After doing an internet research you can find that there are several companies that provide multiple data recovery services. You can also find the reputable service provider in this stream in your neighbouring area. If you are not able to do so then you need to send your hard disk to the data recovery services centre of your choice and then the associated persons will contact with their conclusion that your data is recoverable or not and how much cost you need to incur to get it recovered.


So you need to make a decision based on the cost and the value of your computer. In case you find the cost of data recovery as reasonable, you can give the data to the data recovery company to go ahead and ask them to take your hard drive and return it when data gets recovered successfully. Generally in case of precious data cost is not the matter of concern.

Lost data recover from hard disk

Data Recovery is just like a way to get back and grab the important information that got lost during a computer crash, virus attack or hard disk failure. Whatever maybe the scale of data to be recovered, it is an important and essential part of any operating system. Data is always precious, whether it is for a single user or for a big corporate house; every one needs the retrieval of their precious lost data.


Lost data recovery is possible due to the way the operating system of Microsoft windows is designed. Whenever you delete a file, windows only removes that file from the file system table and keeps track of all the files on your hard disk. There are often some emergent situations when the data recover becomes very essential. Such type of situations arises in case of critical floods, fires and explosions that lead to the data disaster.


One of the ways to recover the lost data is through the system of file data recovery. In this process it is assumed that the tasks that are done while emptying the recycle bin can be reversed. Generally when a file gets deleted, the attribute of the space from an occupied status to an available status used by the file are changed by the operating system. Files are generally lost during a power failure, a hardware crash or sometimes due to a human mistake. Some of these can be recovered based on the extent of damage and the amount of data lost.


Another way is through data disk recover that most people want to settle for. In case data recovery dos not become possible there can be risk to our business or personal work. There are some data recovery software solutions available and the need is to select the best among it according to number of benefits you derive from software. Such software helps you to restore the files.


Generally attempts are made to recover the data form an image taken of the disk and not from the original disk. This reduces the possibility of further damage during the process of recovery. So you must make sure that when you try to recover data, always use the right software or program according to your requirements.


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