It can be clearly depicted from the above report that majority of hard drive related problems arise due to Physical Problems.We ,at HDRC design and manufacture Standard data recovery products that are mandatory for recovering data that is lost due to the physical problems.

For each physical problem , we offer a number of products

Purpose Data Recovery Tool Detailed Information
Replacement of Damaged Heads New Read Write Head Change Tools
(For Advance User)
Click Here
Replacement of Damaged Heads Read Write Head Change Tools
(For Beginner)
Click Here
Replacement of Magnet Magnet Exchanger Tools Click Here
Platter Transplantation Platter Replacement Tools Click Here
Jammed Bearings Spindle Motor Unstuck Tools Click Here

Who can get benefit from us

A. Data Recovery Companies who want to upgrade themselves from Logical Data Recovery to Physical Data Recovery field.

B.Computer Repair Centers.

C. IT Forensic Labs/Government Agencies/MNCs Having 5000 computers or above.

About the Hardware products

All the Hardware Tools at HDRC are results of dedication and research of a number of people who are constantly looking for new innovations.These tools have been released for sale in the market after their domestic use for 12 long years at HDRC.

About the Production Team

Our hardware team consists of 2 Sr. Engineers & 3 other Engineers in Research and Development ,2 designers , 8 Technical Engineers in Tool Room , 3 Quality inspectors for quality control & testing and 2 persons for dispatch.The tool which you use is the joint effort of all our team members.


Before using these tools on client's hard drives, do lots of practice on scrap hard drive to get perfection and best results.

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