Course with Hardware

This course is also offered with Hardware at affordable Rates (Shipping charges).

The list of Hardware are as follows


01. 1 Kit of Platter Exchanger Tools which includes 2 pairs of platter exchanger tools

02. 1 Kit of Read Write Head Change Tool containing 40 pairs of Read Write Head Change Tools

03. 1 ESD safe Magnet Exchanger Tool (With Three Enclosures)  

04. 1 ESD safe Magnet Exchanger Tool for Laptop HDD  

05. Spindle Motor Unstuck Tool (5 Tools Only) 

06. Work Bench (Version 4.0) 

07. Training DVD.  




Shipping Charges


Physical Data Recovery Distance Learning Course Option 1-With Hardware

 1099 USD

140 USD

Bonus Items !!

  • 20 ESD safe Finger Cots

  • 20 Clean Room Wipes

  • 1 ESD safe cordless Antistatic Wrist Band


  • Payment Options
  • Please email if you require any information for a purchase or for any other queries

    * The HDRC equipment is recommended to complete this course. 


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