Supporting Models : Platter Exchanger Tool - Adjustment

(All models tested by HDRC : as per our stock)

Platter Exchanger Tools

HDRC's Platter Exchanger Tools are tested on given brand hard drives. The brand and their model numbers are given below.


    1.  SEAGATE 40GB HDD      ---------      MDL-ST340810A
    2.  SEAGATE 40GB HDD      ---------      MDL-ST3400144
    3.  SEAGATE 40GB HDD      ---------      MDL-ST340014AS
    4.  SEAGATE 80GB HDD      ---------      MDL-ST3802110AS
    5.  SEAGATE 80GB HDD      ---------      MDL-ST380020A
    6.  SEAGATE 160GB HDD    ---------      MDL-ST3160211AS
    7.  SEAGATE 160GB HDD    ---------      MDL-ST3160021A
    8.  SEAGATE 160GB HDD    ---------      MDL-ST3160215AS
    9.  SEAGATE 160GB HDD    ---------      MDL-ST3160211AS
    10.SEAGATE 320GB HDD    ---------      MDL-ST3320620AV
    11.SEAGATE 500GB HDD    ---------      MDL-ST3500320AS
    12.SEAGATE 500GB HDD    ---------      MDL-ST3500630SV
    13.SEAGATE 500GB HDD    ---------      MDL-ST3500630AS
    14.SEAGATE 500GB HDD    ---------      MDL-ST3500630A
    15.SEAGATE 500GB HDD    ---------      MDL-ST3500820AS
    16.SEAGATE 1000GB HDD  ---------      MDL-ST3100033AS


    1. SAMSUNG 20GB HDD     ----------      MDL-SV201H1DN
    2. SAMSUNG 40GB HDD     ----------      MDL-SV4012H
    3. SAMSUNG 40GB HDD     ----------      MDL-SV4002H
    4. SAMSUNG 40GB HDD     ----------      MDL-SV0411N
    5. SAMSUNG 80GB HDD     ----------      MDL-SP0802N
    6. SAMSUNG 80GB HDD     ----------      MDL-HD080HJ
    7. SAMSUNG 160GB HDD   ----------      MDL-SP1604N


    1.  WESTERN DIGITAL 40GB        -----------      MDL-WD400FD-11CPE0
    2.  WESTERN DIGITAL 40GB        -----------      MDL-WD400BB-22JCH0
    3.  WESTERN DIGITAL 40GB        -----------      MDL-WD400BB-22HEN0
    4.  WESTERN DIGITAL 80GB        -----------      MDL-WD800BD-22JMA0
    5.  WESTERN DIGITAL 80GB        -----------      MDL-WD800BB-00FJA0
    6.  WESTERN DIGITAL 80GB        -----------      MDL-WD8005D-6010A0
    7.  WESTERN DIGITAL 80GB        -----------      MDL-WD800BD-22LRA0
    8.  WESTERN DIGITAL 120GB      -----------      MDL-WD1200BB-22GUA0
    9.  WESTERN DIGITAL 160GB      -----------      MDL-WD1600JB-55NCB1
    10.WESTERN DIGITAL 160GB      -----------      MDL-WD1600JD-22HBB0
    11.WESTERN DIGITAL 300GB      -----------      MDL-WD3000JB-00KFA0
    12.WESTERN DIGITAL 500GB      -----------      MDL-WD5000AAVS-00ZTB0

Platter Exchanger Tools Detail

Complete Platter Exchanger Tools Kit contains Total 2 Pairs (4 pcs.) of Tools

You may Order for Complete Kit Now Just 399 USD


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Platter Exchanger Tool - Complete Kit
Consists of all 2 Pairs of tools (donor & target drives)

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399 USD

80 USD

** HDRC is not responsible for any direct, indirect consequential or incidental loss or damage.
Designing and manufacturing warranty is limited to replacement of our product only.

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