Online Data Recovery Course Outline

A complete physical data recovery course structure covers

• The Importance of a Clean Room Chamber

• Brief Explanation of Hard Drive Operations

• Early Diagnostics and warning signs.

• A quick look at Firmware

• Tools

• Introduction to the hard drive

• Donor drive selection

• The PCB

• Voltage and continuity testing

• General soldering how to & alternatives

• Solder and testing fuses

• Solder and testing resistors

• Solder and test IC chip

• Solder and testing IDE or SATA (broken pin)

• Test and repair Flash storage device

• Spindle seizure

• Head Alignment

• Multi Platter Transplants

• Exam


For a full list of topics see Syllabus.  


Course structure easy or complex?

The 14 day physical data recovery course structure is tailored to cover many elements of physical data recovery. The course will introduce you to the hard drive from a basic level and concentrate more on practical recoveries. 

If you are from the following industries - computer forensics, information security, system administration, or data recovery our course will be beneficial to you. The knowledge and equipment will enable you to perform recoveries professionally for desktop and laptop hard drives.


Product training is nothing more than product training. This course is different we give you training on our products as well as techniques requiring tools from a local hobby shop. We teach the basics of the hard drive and repair methods.


The course is written by professionals for professionals.


How can I study this course?

After your payment has cleared we provide access to the course material for you delivered from our website.

Once you have your unique id and password, provided by us to your mail ,you can begin our online course. You will have access to the material for up to 1 day at a time. The course intends you give you 20 hours of training (Including practical exercises with practice) paced over 14 days so that all you need is two hours per day. You will be expected to learn the recovery techniques so practice is essential, we will give you recommendations for practice based on the practical exams you will take.


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