Physical data recovery training FAQs

Q. Do I need to complete the course in 14 days or can I extend it as per my own needs?
   A. There is no boundation on the duration of the course. You may extend it as per your own needs.


Q. How can I learn physical data recovery from an online course if I need to be shown the techniques?
   A. Our online course is not just text, there are diagrams and videos to teach you the skills you need to become a professional in this field.


Q. Is all of the work online?
   A. No you will be required to do practical exercises which you will have to be able to demonstrate at the end of the course.


Q. Do I have to print my own certificate at the end of the course?
No we will send you a proper certificate at the end of the course.


Q. How can I pay for the online physical data recovery course?
You can pay either by your credit card or using your PayPal account


Q. Who provides the training?
The training is provided by HDRC a data recovery company established in India for over 15yrs with excellence.


Q. How long does it take from payment to starting the course?
After a cleared payment is received the course will start within 24 hours.


Q. Why advance payment is important?
After we receive advance payment we provide you online data recovery course login ID and Password. This will help you to prepare for class.


Q. Is the course in English?
At the moment the course is only in English, we are planning other languages later in the year.


Q. How long between payment and clearance before I get my shipment of tools (course with hardware)?
 Online login ID and password will delivered to you in 12 hrs after payment received in our PayPal account or Bank Account.  For shipment it depends on your location i.e. Japan, South Korea:- 2-3 Working Days, Spain, France, Germany, Australia:-  3-4 Working Days, USA:-  4-5 Working Days etc.  The hardware is shipped by DHL or FedEx normally.


Q.   Career options after Data Recovery Training?
If you are individual you can start your own data recovery lab. If you are company you can recover your confidential data in your office premises. For IT people it is a new skill to learn and improve your resume, this can help you to get job or promotion faster.


Q. What will I get after Data Recovery Training?

      Data recovery training certificate

      3 months online support ( email and Chat)

      1 year warranty on Tools


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